A Little Bit of Insight on Slowing Down and Being More.

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This year's chaos and pregnancy have slowed me down and taught me a lot!
🤝It has humbled me and taught me it's ok to ask for help. We are called and created to be in community with others and to help share their burdens. Life wouldn't be worth living with out relationships and truly being there for one another.
🛑It's ok to slow down. Having an ongoing never ending to do list doesn't make you more successful... it makes you more stressed out. Breathe and realize what's a right now necessity and what can be done in time.
💆‍♀️Rest is needed for intentional living. Or else you'll always be strung out and unable to use your conscious mind for decisions and living your best for yourself and others around you.
🕯When you burn the candle at both ends... the candle can no longer properly do what it is designed to do. Therefore to truly do well in life we have to be more not just do more. Be more present yet doing less. When you sit down to the computer to work... are you at the computer with your whole head or are you contemplating something else while you sit at the computer.. intern slowing your progress down. We have to be in the moment, intentionally there...not just our body standing or sitting there, while our minds run 300 miles ahead of us. I feel as though I've been living my life with my body trying to catch up to my brain and life never feeling like I'll make it to the finish line on time. 🏃‍♀️
What I've learned though, is that each day is important and each thing you do doesn't have to be a race to get done. Be in your day and be thankful for the moment your in. Stop racing ahead forgetting to be content where you are. If you miss every moment you are in, you will run on missing so many precious moments as you worked toward the next. Enjoy that cup of coffee ☕ in the morning appreciating the still quiet. Read a book 📚 and let your brain just enjoy using its imagination or growing its creativity. Love the ones your with and truly hear what they are saying, don't just be ears that's siphon out noise. Smile at people in your life and be kind, you never know who could be having a rough time❤
I can't type more (on Instagram) because of limited characters... so Au Revoir 😘

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