Be You! You're Already Enough!

Posted by Kasandra Peil on

Be yourself. You are already enough! So many times social media 🤳 makes us compare ourselves without even thinking about it. We think I wish I looked like that.. had that hair.. had that bod and those lashes. We think aww their life is so much easier than mine, if only I could have more this or that, I'd be happy. We slowly drown in the downward spiral of "I wish" and "if only". ⚠️ We have to stop this! Compare leads to despair. There will always be someone to compare to... which means you'll never be content and always wishing to be someone else. 🔚 Love who you are and grow yourself into who you a want to be.🔥 You're already enough, its not wrong to want to grow but it doesn't help to hold yourself to a false "only on social media" standard🏞. Those people still go through rough times,😖 they still get up with crazy hair sometimes💇‍♀️, and guess what... those people still use the bathroom, like everyone else🛀 Also! They have to pay taxes like everyone else📑. Is it useless to compare! Live in the your moment, finding contentment where you are. 🌎 If you can't be content now, how do you know the next step will fulfill you? You've gotta find the contentment in the moment!💪 And be exactly who you were made to be:) 👄 There is only one you! And you're amazing❤🔥

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