Beauty should not be about vanity. ☀️

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Beauty should not be about vanity. ☀️

Beauty gets a bad rap because often it leads to vanity.😏

Taking care of yourself is not vain🧼... but when your beauty becomes your largest concern, when you can't go anywhere without worrying what people think of you😳, when you are constantly worried if you measure up😬, constantly comparing yourself, or becoming conceited and or caring about your needs not the needs of others🤪.... then beauty has become an issue in your life.

Just like in the world 🌎 around you we see beautiful scenery in all shapes and sizes. Mountains🗻 are beautiful like the ocean🌊 is beautiful though they are drastically different.  You were made like a beautiful scenery. You may not look like every other destination but your beauty is unique and unmatched. 

An original painting is always more 💲💲💲 than a copied painting. Go be you, an original and be the best you can be, not the best someone else is already being. You are already enough❤❤

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