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Alright by friends a moment of change is near. As some of you know Im days away from being in my third trimester and 3 months-ish from having our baby girl.

Its been a year and after getting an online job, being a mom, still doing ministry, and doing almost everything in my home and legal related while my husbands builds his business that brings home the majority of our paycheck, I have neglected my space here on the internet. ... horrendously neglected.

Anyway! Ive been hinting at channel changes for quite a while and here they come. I do not have the time to do makeup tutorials, and I don't have the funds to constantly try new products. Many vloggers do an amazing job at this already and to be honest my heart isn't in it.

I started the makeup channel because I wanted to place some positive and less vain makeup content out there and my brother said hey you do makeup for people why not make a youtube channel. Apparently I really listen to my brother because I've acted a lot upon what he suggests.

The real Kasi would love to have a more outdoorsy channel doing fun adventures and travel, camping and that type of stuff. Or I would love to speak into your lives with deep content and sing more. I asked someone what they thought my passion was and they said well probably makeup and I thought... well I like makeup, but its not really my passion. I made this Channel and social media platform days after my grandmother died and 1 month into marriage. I needed the outlet and looking back I don't regret it but it's time to move more to who I am.

Time is not something I have much of so for a while my content will be more geared around simplifying life for my babies and I and singing for you guys. Id love to share the deep stuff on occasion and still maybe have favorites videos and mention beauty things. (I still have tons of videos that need edited).

I love you all and hope to still keep you through this change but life is always moving and this is where I am going now. I hope you join me!

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