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I find so often we lose site of the fact we are already a treasure. We forget we were born with value, it isn't earned or lost. You are a person created with a purpose, a personality, a smile, hopes, dreams, and the ability to love and uplift other people. We often stop to compare and forget we are already 1 in a million. This may seem cheesy 🧀but if you are true to yourself, How often do you find your self discontent after scrolling Facebook? How often to you wish you measured up to that invisible undefined standard you place on yourself? A self imposed deadline or a self imposed measurement. It is healthy to want to grow and to aspire and take action to learn and grow yourself. I'm not saying give this up. I'm saying find contentment where you are... so that you will always be able to find contentment no matter the situation. Contentment is not based on standards that you may or may not get. Be grateful where you are and find joy in the little things. You have the power to change your own attitude, it should not dictate you. YES, life sucks sometimes. Yes, you're allowed to be broken and healing, your allowed to grieve and sorrow. But you have to be the one to pull yourself back up. You have to be able to see the good amidst the bad. You can't stay a victim... you'll wither up and die if you do. You have to take the pain you've gone through and give it a purpose. Take what broke you and help someone else. Healing is found in helping others and finding contentment no matter your status. For me, I find contentment in Jesus, He gives me reason to live and press on. Honestly I don't think i could find true contentment and joy without Him.❤
Are you dissatisfied and unsure of yourself? If so remember you already are enough, you already have value, you already are a beautiful amazing person. Stop comparing and find contentment with gratitude for where you are in the moment. Life is always changing and you'll ways be headed on to what's next.... but if you don't stop to value now a love where you are, who you are.... will you stop next time?

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