I Think Imma Go Minimal!

Posted by Kasandra Peil on

I think Imma go minimal!β˜• I have been finding that some of what keeps us from living life to the fullest is the amount of stuff we have to maintain or weighs us down mentally. When you have less to deal with you have more time for what matters. I've been decluttering for just over a year now and I've already gotten rid of so much stuff and I just want to continue!
While living up on the mountainπŸŒ„ last year without power or running water and in the middle of no where, I learned to function out of just a back pack to take down to work and life (for all day from 6am to 9 or 10pm). πŸ•™πŸŽ’
I realized how much less stuff I needed and how nice it was to sit and just read or write.πŸ“– Oh my word the freedom and peace. Living in town now crazy life has returned, but I can learn from the simplicity I enjoyed living in a cabin. I found out that all I needed was my people, moments, the bare necessities πŸ‘ͺπŸ•πŸ₯ͺ. I had my handsome husband- my best friend, my silly little dog and the baby in my belly and that's all I need. I learned what possessions really matter to me now looking back because I could live without all the fancy and enjoy life without being overwhelmed by stuff.

All that to say.. the simpler the better. Being a good steward of what you have, donating things that will bless someone else, having what you need and love, I'm going minimal. 😁

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