New Healthy Habits I'm developing during Covid 19 Quarentien

Posted by Kasandra Peil on

So I've been learning and practicing some habits this time during the covid 19 self quarentien time. I've begun to even feel them forming as habit.
I have made it a habit to drink a minimum of 24oz of water a day but often I make it to 48oz or more. I can even feel the difference that this makes in me! I can't give this habit up! I like to use sugar free flavor packets to help sweeten the water. Walmart has ones with immune boosters, energy ones with lots of vitamins, electrolyte boosters and even flavors for relaxation! They arec Great Value Sugar Free Drink Mixes. I like the flavors; Acai  Blueberry, mixed berries, mango, and the strawberry immune ones. They're all really good though I doubt you'll find a bad flavor. 


I also take time to be still, to grow myself and to dig deep in reflection. I personally like to read my Bible and journal, along with videos and audio books of others growth stories. Reading books to further my character and life aswell.If you need one heck of a deep read I'd suggest the "switch on your brain" this is an amazing book, but I would take it in doses to let all the science set in lol. I'm still working on trying to just read for enjoyment when I need to wind down and just chill... I'll get there!

I created my life's vision, as in my overall desires and vision for my life. The document is 13 pages long and has an overall vision and also a vision for each aspect on the wellness wheel.
I've been taking my many vitamins everyday too. Almost too many it feels like at times. I've been taking apple cider vinegar, garcinia cambogia, my women's multivitamin, vitamin c and d, garlic, Claritin, aswaganda, l-theanine, a skin hair and nails suppliment, maca root, a female suppliment and last of all bio x4. The suppliments feel like a handful but I have noticed how they help! My energy, stomach, and emotions are much better when I remember to take them.

I've been going for walks and I've increased the incline on my treadmill like crazy. I'm working out a minimum of 4x a week and bringing back a little weight lifting into the routine. I used to be a workout junkie... But life kinda broke that for a while so I'm aiming to bring Boss Kasi back haha.
The list goes on.. loving my husband and making sure to spend intentional time with him, walking my dog, planning meals, being positive and rewiring my brain to not spiral down in times of trouble. Life is never easy and sometimes it's straight up miserable, but learning how to be strong and brave and push on 💪 is all you can do. We can't give up and drown. We need to get up and if that takes reaching out and asking for a helping hand, then reach out, be humble and let someone help you rise back up.
I love you all! I pray you're all healthy and safe. ❤️ Let me know some of your new habits you're working on!? 🔽

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