Sponsor A Bag

This collection is different from all the others. Here you can sponsor a Care Bag for a homeless person, or you can make your own and send it to me. Once I reach a minimum of 50 bags my husband and I will personally drive to Colorado Springs, Colorado or Cheyenne, Wyoming to deliver them to the homeless. 

All from the DOLLAR TREE

Each Bag Must Contain:

1. Bible and Notebook

2. Set of pens and Highlighter

3. Deodorant and Body Spray

4. Sun Glasses 

5. Tooth Brush & Tooth Paste

6. Face Cleansing Clothes / Chapstick (choose your option or both) 

7. Hair Brush or Comb

8. For women a small set of Makeup and Feminine products/ For men shaving cream and razor (men still need a chap stick)

9. Hat

10. Snacks (add a water-bottle if you'd like)

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